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Rogues Landlord Services is here to facilitate maintenance requests from tenants.  Once you have signed up, you and your tenant will be sent a request to create a log-in to our maintenance processing site.  From there, tenants will email whenever maintenance is needed.  (Emailed correspondence is required, as many states have laws requiring written proof of maintenance requests.)  Tier 4 is needed to use this feature.
OPTION 1:  Facilitated Maintenance Service
We takes maintenance requests from Tenants and schedule repairs.  The contractor sends the bill straight to you.  Or you can take it from there, completing the repair on your own.  Just send our maintenance site a quick response that you are on it and we let the tenant know they will be hearing from you.
OPTION 2:  Comprehensive Maintenance Service
You provide a $500 retainer to cover small repairs.  Work under $500 is automatically handled by a team of professionals in your area.  Work will be scheduled and, once completed, paid from your retainer.  For repairs over $500, your approval is needed.
     Rogues Landlord Services will provide a year-end statement of maintenance requests.
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